September 10th, 2013

A beautiful presentation by Ethan Allen Calgary Designer, Fiona Matthews - for our client, Tracy.

July 4th, 2012

Client Project: Functional & Comfortable Dining Room

Ethan Allen Calgary Designer, Aiden Wragg, shares a recent project which she will soon present to her clients. Aiden explains the inspiration behind her design and how she intends to achieve a comfortable and functional space:

The inspiration for this living and dining room project came from the warm, rich tones of my client’s fireplace. We wanted to keep it as the focal point of the living room and really work off of its rich colors. This is also where friends and family spend most of their time, whether it is every day lounging or occasional entertaining, so I wanted to make sure we had adequate seating that was not only functional but also comfortable for everyone.

The patterns and prints chosen for this design are soft monochromatic tones, with the odd bold pattern thrown in for excitement. We wanted to achieve an overall “serene” feel to transition well with the rest of the home, so I didn’t want to go crazy with too many colors. I believe it is best to add in the “pop” with the accessories such as a couple of loud toss pillows, a fun piece of art work, or maybe a bold floral arrangement. This way, you are investing in timeless pieces and you can change the overall look and feel quite easily – and inexpensively!

My client (and myself!) are very excited to see everything come together. Both rooms are going to be fabulous and functional – the way every room should be.

Some of our favorite pieces used in this design were the Avery Dining Table, the Dynasty Coffee Table and the Eastgate Chest (which we used at as TV stand).

-Aiden Wragg 

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